Youth Retreat 2013!!!


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SHIFT 2013 Calendar

iCal — Month — 7:1:13 to 8:31:13

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Beach Party!!!

This Saturday we will be going to Bolsa Chica Beach for a little beach party with Section 4! Bring your own food and drinks… See you there!

section 4 beach party

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This Wednesday’s Lesson


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This Friday Night!

You don’t want to miss this! Be there and bring someone with you!


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It is coming soon! Make sure your signed up and ready to go! (More info to come)


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Section 3 Youth Week 2013!

Hey guys! Just a reminder,We are meeting at the church tonight at 6:30… Leaving by 6:50Tomorrow night, we are meeting at the church at 6:15 and we need to leave by 6:30… If you are late, I am sorry, we will not be able to wait. It is gonna be awesome! Section 3 Youth Week 2013! “The Great Awakening”

Saturday – WE meet at the church at 11:15 and then we will go to the park where we will eat BBQ and play basketball, volleyball, baseball and everything else!
- You need $5 and some soda


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This Friday Night – 5.3.13

This Friday Night is Youth Prayer and YOU don’t want to miss it!


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Section 3 Youth Rally and Jesus Crusade 4.26-27.13

Coming up this Friday and Saturday, You don’t want to miss it! We will have a great time participating in Jesus Crusade on Friday and Saturday night as well as participating in our Youth Rally on Saturday at 2pm.




See you there!

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The Youth Staff’s Game of Choice

Whenever there is a game night, you can bet that the majority of the staff will play this game… Anybody want to play?!? You will get your chance next Friday night – April 19th, during our devotion/game night in the fellowship hall.




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This Friday Night!!! 4.12.13

You don’t want to miss this! Invite your friends, your families and even people you don’t know! Come ready to have a great time with fun, fellowship, worship, and Word of God. preachit_4_12_13

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Wednesday Night Lesson – Spirituality vs. Carnality

Are you Carnal Christain or a Spiritual Christain?


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Wednesday Night Lesson (Boaz – Character Responsibility)

Each of us are responsible for our own relationship with God. Are we living in a way that is causing our relationship with God to grow or to die?


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Wednesday Night Lesson (Ruth – The Art of Being Selfless)

Is it all about you or someone else?


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Wednesday Night Lesson – How Long Do You Have?

Can you accomplish what God has called you to do in the amount of time He has given you?



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Living in Victory

Remember to everyday make a point to live in victory. Every choice you make during the day will determine whether or not you will finish the day still in victory. So as you walk through your day, remember what the Apostle Paul said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” – 2 Tim. 4:7

Make your choice now! Live in Victory!


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Wednesday Night Lesson – In – Not – Of

Just because we live in this world does not mean that we need be apart of this world…


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How many want Up-Rising T-Shirts? Please specify gender specific and size… Cost is $10.00


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Message From Student Pastor

Welcome to the brand new site of Up-Rising Student Ministries! I just want to let you know that there are great things in store for you and I am anticipating a mighty revival! Please have your friends like our website, log on and start discussing with us. This website can be a tool for you to get your friends to church. Frequently visit the page to see what we are doing.

I love you guys!

- Dane

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Welcome to Up-Rising Student Ministries


Welcome to the official Up-Rising website!  We’re making it more interactive… The goal is to have all members of Up-Rising interacting & contributing to the website.  If you havn’t done so, comment on this initial post to get started… Make this website your OWN! 
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